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Universal Technology Company is one of the Jordanian companies registered under the number 58487 with limited liability.
It is considered one of the companies specialized in the field of geophysical surveys, which has the best modern and innovative technologies in its field.
The company owns the best devices in the world, the DS-4 device, which is patented in many countries of the world, and was developed in 1983 by Professor Yuri Bogdanov.
The company also has expertise in the field of aerial photography using advanced equipment such as (Digital Aerial Camera, Air Born Laser Scanner and Hyper Spectral Technology).
Which are used in the production of :
digital maps
cadastral mapping
tourism and environmental studies
detection of antiquities and minerals
exploration of natural and industrial tunnels and assessment of natural risks
urban planning
civil engineering
holistic planning of cities
towns and villages.

Passive measurement

• Discover huge offshore oil and gas fields
• Structural mapping of mountain ranges.
• Forecasts of operations and events to monitor seismic activity
• Define conditions for the formation and migration of components such as gas and oil
• Determine the migration and concentration of hydrocarbons in the deep layers of the earth's crust
• Determine conditions for concentration, concentration, sediment formation and storage in sedimentary areas
• Conducting geological and geophysical mapping, analysis of geological and geophysical conditions, and direct exploration for oil and gas (including non-structural layers);
• Mapping railway networks, identifying areas that intersect streets, highways, regional pipeline networks, power lines, and other facilities.
• Collecting and analyzing the technical status of bridges.
• Develop and implement a rapid diagnosis of pipeline status.
Technical maintenance of underground tanks, underground facilities and storage facilities for petroleum products.
Detection and measurement of pollutant sources.
The GPS method allows for geophysical work to be performed in hard-to-reach areas: Mountain areas, marine swamps, migratory areas, seas,
• Provides maximum mobility and research in large areas in a relatively short time (the conditions for a geological exploration contract using new technology are 3-5 times less than during the era of seismic exploration);
• The ability to effectively track tectonic disorders
• It is allowed through direct sorcery (oil and gas in contact with the surface of the water) to concentrate hydrocarbons, including crack areas in the lower layers, as well as sediments, and is limited to the installation of domes salts.
• This mechanism can be used with surveying on a different scale and can be used in all stages of exploration, exploration, geological and geophysical work.
• Reduced research costs compared to similar traditional geophysical methods in terms of efficacy (price of services for geological prospecting is reduced by 30-50% for (linear) operation compared to other methods of exploration);
Not noticing adverse effects on the environment;
It can be used independently or in combination with other geophysical methods. There are 5 wells drilled according to oil and gas exploration data by NEW

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Geological and geophysical mapping and geological and geological analysis Geophysical conditions, direct drilling of oil and gas (including non-structural layers).

Mapping rail networks, defining cross-street areas, Highway and regional networks of pipelines, power lines and other utility lines.

Development and implementation of a rapid diagnosis of pipeline cases.

Field data collection, technical safety analysis, and bridge conditions.

Detection and measurement of pollutant sources.

Exposing natural and artificial tunnels and shelters.











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