Universal Co. works in the field of the Medical industry and the human pharmaceutical industry and manufacture & development medicines from plant origin and herbal medicines, is dedicated to produce and sell through wholesale & Retail Cannabis concentrates.

Universal Co. Own and operate medical cannabis cultivation/Extraction and manufacturing facilities in(The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan),

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the pioneers and innovators in Jordan by constantly focusing on innovating our medical products, presenting them with First-class quality.

Continuous improvement of all aspects of our Business.

To build our Brand on the core values of customer care, highest standards of quality, honesty and integrity.

Target local and international pharmaceutical companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to target local and international pharmaceutical companies to establish and build our brand on the core values ​​of customer care with the highest quality standards.

Our Competitive

Using Of High-tech equipment that is reflected in product quality and cost reduction.

We are the pioneers of produce Cannabinol (CDB), hemp cultivation, extraction and manufacturing facilities in (the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

our incredible team

People Behind the Science